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Name of Company
Chakr Innovation
Head quarter location
Gurugram, Haryana
Geographical areas of operation
Pan India
Brief Company Profile
Chakr Innovation is working to control the particulate pollution caused by diesel generators. Their products capture pollution at source from diesel generators and converts it into useful products.
Solution offered.
Chakr Shield, a device that can be fitted externally on stationary diesel generators and capture 70-90% of unburnt hydrocarbons emitted from diesel generators.
Previous project implementation experience.
More than 100 installations of Chakr Shield across India including some large clients.
Any additional information
Large corporate and public sector companies are increasingly stressing the need for emission control facilities in their tenders, where devices like Chakr Shield are useful. It is an external installation and does not interfere with the performance of the generator.
Contact details
Email : info@chakr.in
Phone : +91-124-4084599
J-1/37, The Perfect House, Sector 25, Gurugram 122002, Haryana