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A Caspian Debt initiative to help deploy productive use of clean technology in agriculture and help agritech companies serving small holder farmers become more climate resilient.

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As the leading debt impact investor to agritech and cleantech enterprises, Caspian Debt is best placed to help build partnerships between innovative companies. We think that this is crucial to help not only small holder farmers adapt to climate change but also to protect growing investments in the Indian agritech industry. Technologies are available and can be deployed and at Caspian Debt we aim to help create this market.

The changing weather patterns and shifting seasonal cycles have impacted the agricultural activity in India, where traditional methodologies still dominate farming and supply chain activities. This presents a unique opportunity to explore clean technology solutions. The Indian agriculture sector has seen increasing entrepreneurial activity and the flow of investment capital into innovative business models aimed at deploying modern technology to address the productivity gaps in the sector. An EY report counted about 500 agritech startups in the country with 57 of them having raised US$ 532 million by April 2020.

Through our Climate Smart Agriculture initiative, we aim to support the following SDGs in India:

  • Support companies that are improving the lives of the poor and vulnerable

  • Ensure the access of clean energy to the agriculture sector

  • Enable access of capital to the agri-processing industry

  • Enable the reduction of food waste

  • Enable Indian agriculture organizations to help adapt to climate change

  • Facilitating partnerships to help achieve the goals

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Caspian Debt companies that can offer clean technology solutions to the Indian agritech sector.

Contact: If you want to get in touch with any of these companies, we will gladly facilitate an introduction. Please get in touch with krati@caspian.in

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We bring together information that you can use. Please scroll through our list of resources to learn more about the risks and opportunities of climate change.

Have a question? Or a suggestion? Reach out to us at krati@caspian.in