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Caspian debt in Numbers

Let's See How We Match

We provide customized debt finance to enable you to build a better world. We would be keen to work with you if your borrowing requirements are more than INR 50 lakhs and you have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • A professionally managed small or mid-market company with a first-generation entrepreneur.
  • An asset-light business without the ability to offer mortgages.
  • A venture-backed company prioritizing growth over profitability.
  • Target customers in low-income households and non-Tier I cities.
  • Operating in high-impact sectors: Financial Inclusion, Affordable Housing, Food & Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Skill Development, Environmental Sustainability, ICT, Livelihoods, Water and Hygiene.
  • Fostering innovation in a traditional sector or bringing in new technology/service innovation.
  • Willing to track social and environmental impact*.

Focus Sectors

How We are Different

  Bank/Traditional NBFCs Venture Capital Venture Debt Providers
Cost Low-interest rate but considering cost of cash margins, cost of mortgage collateral and time spent, it is often costly. No loss of control or equity dilution Requires 20-40% equity stake and board seat. Takes warrants or options to invest at a discount
Flexibility Fixed product and inflexible repayment schedule. Restricted product type on offer. Customizable repayment schedule and product structures. Provides a large amount of funding without a strict repayment schedule. Provides a large amount of funding tied to an equity investment
Product Variations Limited. All types of debt from revolving limits to quasi-equity. Equity or equity-like Only Venture Debt
Profitability Criteria Does not lend without three year profitability Profitability not required for venture-backed companies. Comfortable funding loss-making ventures Funds only venture-backed companies.
Collateral security Requires mortgage collateral many startups can not provide Does not require mortgage collateral. Takes partial ownership control of the company Does not require mortgage collateral but take a small equity share.
Further funding Follow on rounds unpredictable. Enhancement of limits and follow on funding available after 6 months of the first loan and satisfactory performance. Follow on rounds possible depending upon equity investors. Follow on rounds possible but tied to equity fundraise.
Time to fundraise 3-6months 1-2 months 6-9months