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Let’s See How We Match

We provide customized debt finance to enable you to build a better world. We would be keen to work with you if your borrowing requirements are more than INR 50 lakhs and you have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • A professionally managed small or mid-market company with a first-generation entrepreneur.
  • An asset-light business without the ability to offer mortgages.
  • A venture-backed company prioritizing growth over profitability.
  • Target customers in low-income households and non-Tier I cities.
  • Operating in high-impact sectors: Financial Inclusion, Affordable Housing, Food & Agriculture, Healthcare, Clean Energy, Education, Skill Development, Environmental Sustainability, ICT, Livelihoods, Water and Hygiene.
  • Fostering innovation in a traditional sector or bringing in new technology / service innovation.
  • Willing to track social and environmental impact*.


  • 2+ years of operating track record.
  • AUM more than INR 10Cr for companies having atleast one institutional investor.
  • AUM more than INR 25Cr for companies with no Institutional investor.
  • Offering financial products to MSMEs or lower income households.

Private Limited companies

  • 3+ years of operating track record.
  • Minimum revenues of INR 8 crores for a manufacturing company, and INR 4 crores for a service company and INR 20 crores for a trading company.
  • External Institutional investor is mandatory for loss-making companies.