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What Does Our Entrepreneur Really Need?

As investors, we provide capital that enables the growth of our portfolio companies. But we understand, that their growth needs lie beyond capital.

And here’s how we support that.


Over the last 15 years, we have built a rich and diverse network of partners and stakeholders. And we help our portfolio harness the combined power of this network.

Some of our key partners include:

Equity Investors

Market Development Partners


Credit Guarantee Partnerships


We believe, entrepreneurs are the best teachers, when it comes to entrepreneurship and over the years, have built a deep network of portfolio firms who can partner and help each other.

To enable this in a seamless way, we celebrate our “Caspian Annual event” where all the companies are invited and can find ways to build stronger communities and partnerships.

Our portfolio managers also drive regular benchmarking analysis so that companies can ensure that they get to know of any red flags and also areas they are doing extremely well in, based on similar benchmarks in the industry.

Capital, connect and community, helps us serve our stakeholders, better.