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Caspian Future Leaders in Impact Programme

The Caspian Future Leaders in Impact Programme (C-FLIP) is a two-year rotational programme for recent postgraduates or laterals (with up to 3 years of experience). This is a full-time employment opportunity designed specifically for early career individuals.

C-FLIP is a unique opportunity to learn the nuts and bolts of impact debt investing and to play an active role in supporting the growth of professionally managed entrepreneurial ventures that have a positive social and environmental impact.

Through this programme, our mission is to develop future impact investing leaders by enabling them to learn impact investing by working across all key functions in an impact lending business. C-FLIP is structured to provide a wide range of opportunities to foster professional and personal growth for young professionals seeking a career in the impact investing industry.

Who can join C-FLIP?

C-FLIP is open to recent postgraduates and industry candidates with up to 3 years of experience with the readiness to work across functional verticals and aspire to be a leader in the impact investing space. Basic knowledge of finance is essential. A joinee to the programme will be designated as an Impact Associate.

How long is C-FLIP?

The programme lasts 24 months, and has 6-month long rotations across four functional verticals chosen from the options below:

  • Business Development & Underwriting
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Human Capital
  • Operations & Systems
  • Portfolio Risk Management & Analytics.

How is the programme structured?


The programme will provide an opportunity to work on the entire deal lifecycle. It is also structured to give the Impact Associates access to:

  • Mentoring/Coaching by senior Caspian executives
  • Field Trips
  • Learning and development classes
  • Internal and external speaker sessions

Why does C-FLIP exist?

Traditional investment professionals or bankers have established ways of making lending decisions and managing portfolio risk that is different from the Caspian’s approach. As an impact-driven company focussed on lending to high growth professionally managed entrepreneurial ventures, Caspian needs Impact Investing professionals who have the ability to blend innovative lending methodologies with a conscious intention to achieve a positive impact. Such new approaches to lending require Professionals who could work with operations, risk analytics, business development, human capital, finance & accounts, and other functions, to figure out, creatively and collaboratively, better ways of providing growth capital.

How is investing or lending at Caspian different from other lenders or investors?

Caspian provides loans to high growth professionally managed companies that contribute towards positive social and environmental impact. Caspian investee companies introduce innovations in the design and delivery of products and services targeted at low-income households and underserved geographies. Some of them adopt and promote clean and energy efficient products and services. Many such companies, in spite of being professionally run and being venture capital funded, often do not get finance from traditional lenders (banks and NBFCs) because they do not have mortgage collateral to offer as security, or they focus on growth (instead of profits), or their working capital requirements grow faster than what the traditional NBFCs/ banks are ready to provide. Caspian has the ability to assess and provide debt in these situations. Sometimes, these entrepreneurial ventures require quasi-equity funding, which traditional lenders or investors cannot provide but Caspian does.

What would a ‘day in the life’ of an Impact Associate look like?

It varies depending upon the function or role that the Associate is in or the deal lifecycle that she/he is working on. Some of the core responsibilities of Impact Associate’s include supporting the team to execute well, ensuring a great experience for customers as well as internal teams.

What kind of mentorship is available to Impact Associates?

In addition to exposure to a wide variety of roles and activities across the entire impact lending universe, the programme also allocates mentors and guides to help the Impact Associate grow into a well-rounded, versatile and innovative impact investor. Atleast one senior management executive will provide mentorship to the Impact Associate.

How is C-FLIP evaluated?

During the stint, the Impact Associate would undergo continuous and periodic review by the stint Manager. At the end of every stint, the Impact Associate would be required to make a presentation on the live projects and lessons learned in the respective vertical and would be evaluated accordingly.

After successful completion of the 4 stints, the final placement of the associate to a vertical would be made based on the final score and aspirations of the associate.

What happens after C-FLIP?

After the program, based on the performance and company requirements, the Impact Associate joins one of the functions extensive knowledge and network within the company to collaborate and creatively innovate in providing growth finance to high impact entrepreneurial ventures. In some cases, the Impact Associate may want to pursue other career opportunities (including entrepreneurial).

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